Emptiness and Love

Oakland Meeting 4/20/13 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 56 min. $10.00

In this vibrant and impactful talk, Adyashanti offers valuable clarity on how the teachings of emptiness differ from the teachings of love. He delineates how the spiritual journey is at first a negating process of identification; then, it is an orientation of affirming every experiential aspect of life. When our emptiness nature comes back in and fully encounters our humanity—both the sublime and horrific experiences—it is the love of it all that allows liberation to fully bloom.

Topics Include: 

  • Teachings on Spacious Being
  • Transitioning from the Loss of Wil
  • The Orientation of Negating vs. Affirming
  • What Is Absolute Intimacy?
  • Adya’s View of Love
  • Awakening Love’s Deeper Instincts
  • Saying “No” without Disconnection
  • How Love Closes the Gap

Quotes from this Download:

“You can have a Ramana-like experience of emptiness, but have a hell of time returning from that.”

“The completion of space is love.”

“There is a love that comes out of being connected out of our humility, where we connect from the very foundation.

Recorded in Oakland, California on April 20, 2013.
© 2013 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.


Item #: CDA-387