Everyday Oneness

Selected Talks and Dialogues 3 MP3 Download 3 hrs. 44 min. $20.00

What is it like to live with one foot in the relative and the other in the absolute? In this 3-download set of post-awakening talks and eye-opening dialogues, Adyashanti offers brilliant guidance on living with these seemingly different perspectives. Through Zen scriptures, personal stories, and direct pointing, he transmits the extraordinary sense of oneness that expresses itself in the ordinariness of life.

Topics Include: 

  • Seeing Oneness in Ordinary Reality
  • Transmitting Fresh Consciousness
  • Going Beyond the Expanded State
  • Finding the Truth in Your Experience
  • The All-Inclusive View
  • The Source of All Division
  • The Highest Devotion
  • Purification and Awakening

Please Note:  This download set was formerly available as a 3-CD album with the same title. The recordings in this album were also originally published in the retreat CD album from the Asilomar Retreat in Pacific Grove, CA on December 2-7, 2007 (Vol. 7).

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Item #: CDA-213