Faith, Doubt, and Prayer

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This specially recorded program is a heartful dialogue between Adyashanti and the (now retired) Executive Director of Open Gate Sangha, Jerilyn Munyon. Together they explore how faith, doubt, and prayer play important roles in the ever-changing landscape of the spiritual journey. This conversation shows how faith is interwoven throughout life and how to use doubt as an integral and intimate part of spiritual inquiry. Adyashanti and Jerilyn open up a space in which to discover the dynamism of prayer, while gently encouraging us to examine our relationship with the unknown in every moment and realize our inherent completeness.

Topics Include:

  • Meditation as a Form of Prayer
  • The Relationship between Surrender and Trust
  • The Full Confidence of Great Doubt
  • Engaging with Childlike Wonder
  • Prayer as Deep Listening
  • Inviting the Unknown into Our Lives
  • The Dangers of Spiritual Awakening
  • Being Honest with Yourself -- Again and Again
  • Trusting Your Capacity for Truth and Clarity

Quotes from this Download:

 “Meditation is an act of prayer. It’s also a physical embodiment of faith.”

“The spiritual journey is over and over and over finding out that we were wrong.”

“We are something which is beyond us.”

“Great doubt from another perspective is great sincerity.”

“One of the most difficult things for humans to be really honest with themselves about is themselves.”

“Sincerity and trust are not given to you on a platter. They are won through the crucible of experience, and a willingness to throw yourself into your own experience.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on February 12, 2016.
© 2016 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-227

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