From Contraction to Vastness

May 3, 2017 Broadcast 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 34 min. $10.00

What causes you to go into a contracted state of being? What if all of the contraction you feel could somehow disappear? Adyashanti explores how self-referencing is a contraction in consciousness that gives rise to the sense of separation and profound suffering. He points to a relaxed state of awareness that is open, vast, and ever-present -- once your false identity is relinquished.

Topics Include:

  • The Fundamental Contraction
  • Contracted States of Consciousness Cause Suffering
  • The Greater Context of Awareness
  • How Identification Drives Separation
  • The Ever-Present Vastness of Consciousness
  • Going beyond Abstraction of Identification
  • Traversing from Knowledge to Realization
  • Caller 1: Addiction to the Expansion of Consciousness
  • Caller 2: Being Transfixed by Positive States

Quotes from this Download:

“The root of all of our holding, pushing, or pulling is self. That self is nothing but a contraction within consciousness. Self and contraction are the same mechanism.”

“If we get down to the root of what separation really is, we see that the experience of separation arises from a contraction of consciousness.”

“When your consciousness goes into contraction, it’s a good indication that something is being taken as true or real that actually isn’t.”

“The separate self has an innate fear of seeing beyond itself.”

“When you realize what you really are, you aren’t losing anything except for the false identity.”


Recorded on May 3, 2017.
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