Full Spectrum Wholeness

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The heart of a spiritually awake life involves embodying the depth of your spiritual insight in everyday interactions. Each day is an opportunity to live what you value and what you hold as deeply true. Adyashanti shows how accessing domains of wisdom, bringing consciousness to actions, and enacting a generosity of spirit are essential and practical ways to embody the full spectrum of wholeness.

Topics Include:

  • Seeing into True Nature
  • Meeting Fear with Presence
  • Accessing Domains of Wisdom
  • Fostering the Sense of Connection
  • Powerful Moments of Generosity
  • Practical Embodiment
  • The Embodied Expression of Caring
  • The Maturing of Spiritual Insight
  • Caller 1: Discovering Your True Self
  • Caller 2: The Time for Deep Engagement


“Spirituality is about accessing the domains of wisdom, love, and connection that are there within us.”

“Embodiment is this very practical thing: It’s giving expression to our depth; it’s how we embody our own insights and what we deeply value.”

“When your depth and your embodied human life feel very connected and in sync, then you have a deeply meaningful experience of being.”

“As our spiritual perception matures, it’s defined more by wholeness than by anything else. Everything is just one seamless whole.”

Recorded on November 28, 2018 
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-291

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