Garrison Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat with Adyashanti 5 MP3 Download 7 hrs. 56 min. $45.00

"Ego is always trying to cure the rift of separation and dissatisfaction by pursuing something better. When you're completely with your experience as it is now, then you can't suffer." ~ Adyashanti

Recorded live at a weekend retreat with Adyashanti at Garrison Institute, this 5-download set includes profound talks and direct inquiry dialogues with the audience.

Topics Include: Living from Heart Wisdom / Beholding Truth Everywhere / Perceiving Without Abstraction / The Collapse of "I Know" / Thought-less Awareness / Total Commitment to Letting Go / Living in "Yes" to Now / Fully Experiencing Experience

Quotes in this Download Set:  "There's nothing that stops the flowering of your consciousness more than having a goal, a finish line. It's a line drawn in empty space, in infinity." • "The impulse to improve on now fractures our experience of now." • "The desire to be present is often a desire to be somewhere else. We already are present. If we don't see this, we've got the whole spiritual search backwards." • "The only difference between the unenlightened and the enlightened is that one is trying to change now, the other is not." • "Enlightened beings don't know something you don't; they've unknown what you know." • "If we stop pretending we know things that we don't, then we're in the mystery." • "We will never be a 100% perfect manifestation of the undivided. On an absolute level, perfection and imperfection are irrelevant; all is as it is."

Please Note: Formerly available as a 7-CD album with the same title.

Recorded in Garrison, New York, April 16-18, 2010.
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Item #: CDA-518