Intimate Openness
San Rafael Meeting 4/11/15 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 43 min. $10.00

Recognizing the vast nature of unified reality is a significant shift in our spiritual unfolding. But in order to fully mature spiritually, we must also access qualities of softness, openness, and vulnerability that bring a more intimate relationship with everything inside and outside. In this satsang, Adyashanti encourages us to completely surrender our guardedness and live from our essential and natural openness -- to the point that we experience deep intimacy and closeness of heart with all of life.

Talk Topics Include: The Underlying Nature of Reality / Quietness Is Always Here / Opening to Openness / The Significance of Vulnerability

Q&A Topics Include: Vast View vs. Intimate View / Embracing Paradoxical Teachings / Allowing vs. Judging Our Desires

Quotes from this Download: “Quietness is the foundation of our lives. We don’t have to produce quietness.” • “Truth and illusion are made of the same substance.” • “Some can go very far spiritually yet hold tightly to the vulnerability of the heart.” • “Conscious openness is who we are.” 

Recorded in San Rafael, California on April 11, 2015.
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Item #: CDA-545