Living Reality

Authentic Awakening in Action 5 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 47 min. $25.00

FORMERLY ON CD ~ Spiritual seekers are often pervaded with myths and misunderstandings about awakening and living an awakened life. These "blinders" cause people to experience prolonged confusion and distraction, and waste substantial amounts of time and energy. In this unique and in-depth two-part dialogue, Dr. Maja Apolonia Rodé facilitates an exploration with Adyashanti in which he dispels the fundamental myths about awakening and illuminates how authentic awakening manifests in undivided action.

Part 1 Topics: The Myths of Awakening  (Download Sets 1 & 2)

  • How to Recognize a Partial Awakening
  • Dealing with Deluded People
  • What Do We Really Know?
  • The Power of Honesty
  • Seeing Beyond Spiritual Experiences
  • High-Level Delusions
  • Is Awakening Good for Everybody?
  • Direct Path Myths / How the Mind Misleads You
  • The Struggle between Clarity and Confusion
  • Agendas and Projections in Teaching
  • The Myths of Getting Somewhere, Perfection, and Constant Awakening

Part 2 Topics: Awakening in Action (Download Sets 3 & 4)

  • What Right Action Feels Like
  • Hidden Ways We Protect Our Egos After Awakening
  • Post-Awakening Emotional Turmoil
  • The Instinct of Compassion
  • Releasing Core Beliefs
  • Functioning from Wholeness
  • When Witnessing Is Not Enough
  • Dying Into Each Moment
  • Life as Creativity
  • Overcoming Spiritual Aloofness
  • Widening the View of the Absolute
  • Taking Oneness All the Way

Note: This download set was formerly published in CD format with the same title.

Dr. Maja Apolonia Rodé (Prema) holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and served as the Creative Director of Open Gate Sangha.

"Living Reality: Authentic Awakening in Action" was recorded in San Jose, California on March 18 and 25, 2009.
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Item #: CDA-415