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It has become so easy and commonplace to say, “Live in the moment.” But to actually do it is quite revolutionary—it requires an overthrowing of our conditioned mind and all its interpretations of what’s happening in each moment. It also requires seeing how our trying to be free or become something only perpetuates our struggle for freedom. In this satsang, Adyashanti explores not just tasting but living the timeless reality beyond our conceptual mind, and falling into the unknown where we discover what it truly means to be free and live in the now.

Topics Include:

  • The Paradoxical Gift of the Timeless
  • The Futility in Trying to “Become”
  • Being Free of Conditioned Mind
  • Seeing Reality Beyond Your Stories
  • Trusting the Unknown
  • Rooted in Stillness


“We have such little trust in anything other than our conditioned mind.”

“The timeless reality doesn’t require anything of you except to stop trying. That’s the only price, but it’s an extremely heavy price for most people.”

“The timeless is only found in the now.”

“Seeing that concepts have no final reality, you can no longer believe your own opinions.”

“The living of enlightenment means you have to get completely off the wheel of becoming.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, CA, on June 30, 2012.
© 2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-318