Recognizing Our Unborn Essence

September 12, 2009 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 44 min. $10.00

Spirituality is a whole-being remembrance of the unborn essence that we are and that all reality is. In this direct talk, Adyashanti explores what’s involved in recognizing the unborn and how being rooted in it brings freedom, unconditional love, and a natural acceptance of what is.

Topics Include:

  • Hearing Beneath the Clamoring Agendas of “Me”
  • Sensing Your No-One-Ness
  • The Power of Stopping
  • Being Rooted in the Unborn
  • Seeing the Unreal as Unreal
  • This Is It—Nothing More
  • The Gift of Consciousness
  • Addiction to the Illusion of Control

Quotes from This Download: 

“What you really are isn’t found in the mirror because it’s what’s looking. As you open to it, the idea of yourself dies. Then you just chalk the story of yourself up to a bad investment.”

“All paths get us to the essential point of stopping.”

“I’m like a fireman whose hose squirts gasoline.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, CA, on September 12, 2009.
© 2009 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-126