Sandokai & Manjushri Prayer

Commentaries by Adyashanti 2 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 54 min. $10.00

In this unique 2-download set, Adyashanti conveys his interpretations on two famous sutras:

The Sandokai – This never-before released recording features a 90-minute talk Adyashanti gave to a small group of students in 2005. Through a detailed commentary on the famous Sandokai poem from the Soto Zen tradition, Adyashanti sheds light on the poem’s nondogmatic and enlightened view of how the absolute and relative worlds are two expressions of the one. (Remastered. Sound quality varies.)

The Manjushri Prayer – Adyashanti gives a 90-minute line-by-line commentary on a Tibetan prayer about the deity Manjushri and his sword of wisdom. Not for the casual listener, this recording is a must-have for students of Buddhism, die-hard Adyashanti fans, and anyone who is ready to realize the astonishing truth that nothing exists. (Formerly available as an audiocassette with the same title.)

Recorded in San Jose, California on July 31, 2005, and in Santa Cruz, California on January 29, 2005. © 2005-2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-305