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Silent Retreat Vol. 30 ~ Part 2 Mt. Madonna Feb 2013 6 MP3 Download 10 hrs. 12 min. $45.00

This 6-download set is Part 2 of the February 2013 silent retreat at Mount Madonna Center. It includes talks and dialogues from Tuesday, February 5, through Friday, February 8.

Please note: Part 1 and guided meditations are available in download form and must be purchased separately.

Topics Include: Absorption into the Absolute / Two Types of Emptiness / Relaxing into an Ease with Flow / Perceiving from the Heart / Thinking that Thinking Is a Problem / How to Use Meditation and Inquiry / The Unique Signature of Being / Compassion for the Little Me / Making Peace with Aloneness / Primary and Higher Desires / Seeing through Bypassing / Dealing with Environmental Sensitivities

Quotes from this Download Set: "Be careful if someone else pulls you away from how the divine speaks to you. The seed of your liberation is in you.” • “There will never be more Buddha mind than right here, right now.” • “In using meditation and inquiry, one should not be dismissive of experience or try to change experience. You are using them as a way to trace to the source of experience.” • “The underlying problem is that we’re convinced our thinking is problematic.” • “Just like any tree in the forest, your incarnation is not good or bad, right or wrong.” • “The way of liberation is not a way, but a flow.” • “Freedom is the lack of opposition to ‘what is.’” • “The truth has to be paradoxical to the mind.” • "The only thing you ever need to do is to be true to yourself."

Recorded in Watsonville, California on February 1-8, 2013.
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Item #: CDA-378