Silent Retreat Vol. 31

Tahoe April/May 2013 10 MP3 Download 16 hrs. 1 min. $80.00

This 10-download set contains the engaging talks and insightful dialogues from Adyashanti's 5-night silent retreat at the Lake Tahoe Granlibakken Conference Center in April/May 2013. Recorded live, this extended-length download set includes 16 hours of Adyashanti's most powerful form of teaching.

Please Note: Guided meditations from this retreat are not included in this download set; they may be purchased as a separate download set.

Topics Include:

  • Exposing the Entirety of Ourselves
  • Being Stuck in Neutral
  • Redeeming the Sense of Wrongness
  • Are You Really Available?
  • Clarifying Your Aspirations
  • The Healing Grace
  • Meeting Arrogance
  • Wu Wei—The Natural Way
  • Losing Your Inner World
  • Extinguishing the Questioner
  • The Importance of Taking Refuge
  • Servants of Truth
  • The Constant Giving of Ourselves
  • Sameness and Uniqueness Simultaneously
  • Presence after Death
  • Faith and Inquiry
  • Integration: Transcending and Descending
  • The Redeeming Love

Quotes from this Download Set:

“We don’t get to God by running from ourselves.”

“There is That within, which has been watching throughout your entire life experience.”

“No matter who and what you’ve been, the redeeming qualities of grace are always available.”

“Silence is not a place to hide but a place to reveal ourselves.”

“The absolute and relative go together like the foot behind and the foot forward. They’re not separate.”

“Anybody you exclude from your heart, you’ve excluded part of yourself, part of God.”

“Insights are wonderful moments but are trinkets compared to the heart of infinity that is God.”

“You are the vehicle for what wants to happen, not for what you want to happen.”

“Our most fundamental offering is to have courage to face whatever is occurring right now.”

“I am constantly in the presence of something I cannot fool.”

“Let something in you find its way.”

“Emptiness is a mind that doesn’t cling.”

“All the dilemmas are the result of the fractured mind.”

“Check in and be sure that the sense of the sacred touches all parts of your life.”

“There’s no hierarchy in the divinity of things.”

“Love well at all times, in all situations. Be an expression of that in all moments, great and small.”

“Life will break your heart. Let it break all the way.”

“Spirituality is not just reaching the infinite but also opening lines of communication from level to level.”

Recorded in Tahoe City, California on April 28 - May 3, 2013.
© 2013 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-402