Silent Retreat Vol. 38

Kanuga Apr 2014 ~ Q&A Sessions 6 MP3 Download 10 hrs. 21 min. $50.00

This 6-download set includes all the Q&A sessions with Adyashanti and retreat attendees during the April 2014 silent retreat at Kanuga Conference Center.

Please Note: The Talks and Guided Meditations from this retreat must be purchased separately and are also available in download form.

Q&A Session Topics Include:

  • Breaking the Chains of Despair
  • Experiencing Redemptive Love Now
  • Unworthiness Is a Thought
  • Food and Awakening
  • Predestination or Free Will?
  • Embracing Your Demons
  • Does Anything Ultimately Matter?
  • Boredom Is Resistance
  • Resting in the Peace of God
  • Life Is Spirituality
  • Witness and Dissociation
  • We’re Making It All Up
  • Awakening at Death
  • Loosening the Resistance to Ego
  • Relaxing the Awakening Effort
  • Love and Humility

Quotes from this Download Set:

“The quality of any moment is no indication of what may be happening in a deeper way.”

“Awakening is like toothpaste -- once it comes out of the tube you can’t push it back in.”

“Real detachment is not distance; it’s intimacy and peace.”

“The keys to your freedom are in your own pocket.”

“The pursuit of the next moment is the denial of enlightenment.”

“To know god is to see the divinity in everything.”

“Even though nothing matters, absolutely everything matters more than we can possibly know.”

“It is the stuck moments that are often the doorway to the sacred dimension.”

“All parts of you need to come to the spiritual party.”

“No one gets out unawakened.”

“Your desire for God is God’s desire for God.”

“Restore things to their natural condition; that is the redemption.”

Recorded at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina on April 13-18, 2014.
© 2014 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-472