Silent Retreat Vol. 44

Netherlands 2015 ~ Talks/Q&A 10 MP3 Download 14 hrs. 43 min. $80.00

This 10-download set contains the engaging talks and insightful dialogues from Adyashanti's August 2015 5-night silent retreat in The Netherlands. Recorded live, this extended-length download set includes over 14 hours of Adyashanti's most powerful form of teaching.

Please Note: Guided meditations from this retreat are not included in this download set; they may be purchased as a separate download.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Sensing the Mystery of Being
  • Returning to Primordial Awareness
  • Commentary on Simeon the Theologian’s Poem, “We Awaken in Christ’s Body”
  • Commentary on Rilke’s Poem “You, Darkness”
  • Awakening through the Ordinary
  • Luminosity from the Dark Unknown
  • The Inherent Wisdom in Us All
  • Staying with the Fire during Meditation
  • Liberating Dissatisfaction
  • The Alternative to Separate Self
  • The Dawning of the Real Awakened Heart
  • Ruthless Honesty with Yourself

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Our Role in Enlightenment
  • On Becoming a Clarity Addict
  • Going to the Root of Fear
  • The Dying of Personal Will
  • Freeing Others of Your Demands
  • Embracing Our Perfect Imperfections
  • Presence in the Foreground and Background
  • Suffering Caused by Imagination
  • Trust Your Own Life
  • Embrace Your Ego
  • Experiencing Radiant Awareness

Quotes from this Download Set:

“The most beautiful things within us are rooted in the dark and muck of our humanity.”

“You can’t find the totality of what you are in any thought or definition; you fall into the truth of your being when you see what you are not.”

“How you feel on retreat is not an indication of how productive it is.”

“Each time you see through the separate self, even a little, some dissatisfaction disappears.”

“The open heart gains you access to the radiance.”

“We need a way of engaging with ourselves and leaving the teacher behind.”

“Seeking is a denial of the freedom that is already here.”

“All experiences are the One.”

“The tree is not only connected to the sun and sky, it is the sun and sky. The same for human beings.”

Recorded at the Woudschoten Conference Center in Zeist, The Netherlands on
August 9–14, 2015.

© 2015 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-569