Silent Retreat Vol. 52

U.K. 2016 ~ Q&A Sessions 5 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 46 min. $40.00

This 5-download set includes all of the Q&A sessions with Adyashanti and retreat attendees during the August 2016 silent retreat in Surrey, U.K. (Some Q&A sessions begin with a talk.)

Please Note: The Talks and Guided Meditations from this retreat must be purchased separately and are also available in download form.

Q&A Session Topics Include:

  • The Elasticity of Perception
  • Being of Service through Our Transmission
  • Working with Core Rejection
  • All Experience Happens in the Mind
  • How We Create Our Own Suffering
  • Sense of Self vs. Sense of Being
  • The Key to Seeing through Identification
  • Is There Existence Beyond Our Experience of Existence?
  • Innate Virtues of Consciousness
  • Liberating Negative Emotions
  • The Good Beyond Good
  • Being a Benevolent Presence
  • Ways to Ground Intense Energy
  • The Healing of Trauma
  • Intuiting Your True Being
  • The Spaciousness of Being
  • Pain as a Benevolent Teacher
  • Freedom Right Now
  • Nothing Is Required for Awakening
  • Your Eyes of God

Quotes from this Download Set:

"Our spiritual experiences are relevant only to the extent that they have transformed our experience of being in everyday life. It’s that transformation that’s important, not being absorbed into any particular place."

"No matter how many ways you suffer, you're actually always connected."

"The ultimate cause of sorrow is just grasping or resisting or interpreting the content of experience."

"When we can really experience the core of something negative, there's almost always a jewel."

"Our entire experience and perception of everything exists within our mind."

"Meditation is really good for practicing failure."

"Imagine all the time that our mind tries to figure out the whole spiritual thing, there's nothing to figure out."

"Consciousness isn't something we have to go get -- it's just there. Without consciousness, there would be no experience of anything. There wouldn't even be the experience of nothing."

"If we look forever in our mind for our resolutions, we'll never be free."

"The biggest thought we have is 'me.'"

"The best thing we have in us is our direct experience -- that transcends every theology, every ideology, every belief system."

"All the content arises in our experience. The grasping of content is what forms the solidified sense of self."

"The truth within unworthiness is that at the core of the ego structure, the ego is impersonating our true being."

"The biggest pain is caused by the psychological resistance to it."

"We are afraid of not knowing and want to solve it and fill it in with knowledge. Not knowing is the best thing in any of us. That's the secret doorway."

Recorded at Woldingham School in Woldingham, Surrey, U.K. on August 14-19, 2016.
© 2016 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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