Silent Retreat Vol. 55 Asilomar Dec 2016~Talks 6 MP3 Download 6 hrs. 1 min. $40.00

This 6-download set includes all of the Talks from the December 2016 silent retreat at Asilomar Conference Grounds, including the first evening talk. (The final morning session, which includes a talk followed by dialogues, is included in both the Talks and Q&A Session download sets.)   

Please Note: The Q&A Sessions and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available separately.               

Talk Topics Include:

  • Nonresistant Awareness
  • The Feminine Aspect of Meditation
  • Letting Meditation Find You
  • Ruthless Truth
  • The You Beyond Your Story
  • Functioning from the Still Point
  • How Our Psychology Challenges Realization
  • How Thought Drives Discord
  • Resting in the Unmoved State
  • Beyond the 5 Basic Human Needs
  • Turning of the Heart
  • Two Tools of Awakening
  • Being Devoted to What's True

 Quotes from this Download Set:

"Beingness does not provide answers but makes you profoundly comfortable with the unknown."

"The thing that makes meditation difficult is the deep-seated feeling that you are supposed to drive your experience."

"SELF-consciousness, in its highest sense, is that which recognizes that there is only the self -- only the Buddha."

"You're on a journey but you're not actually going anywhere -- this can be very disappointing to the ego."

"Imagine that there is only God. At what point is there more of God?"

"When your mind isn't making distinctions, you may start to realize that everything is one whole happening."

"If we're fortunate there comes a time when we have to tell the truth about the fiction of our life."

"Enlightened beings get no special treatment from life. You begin to treat life in a more benign way, even if life does not treat you in a more benign way."

"If a thought causes discord, take another look -- often these are unquestioned thoughts."

"Spiritual orientation is very much about re-finding a place in your consciousness where the challenging emotions don't move you around."

"To embody something is to serve it. You move out of the space of wanting realization to serve us."

"Humility is that part of us that does not recoil at our own foibles."

"The wisest use of the intellect is to question, 'Is this true?'" 

Recorded in Pacific Grove, California on Nov 27 - Dec 2, 2016.
© 2016 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-655