Silent Retreat Vol. 56
Mt. Madonna 2017~Q&A Sessions 5 MP3 Download 9 hrs. 27 min. $40.00

This 5-download set includes all of the Q&A sessions with Adyashanti and retreat attendees during the February 2017 silent retreat at Mount Madonna Center.

Please Note: The Talks and Guided Meditations from this retreat must be purchased separately and are also available in download form.

Q&A Session Topics Include:

  • The Unfindable You
  • Sensing the Open Space of Awareness
  • Taking the One Seat
  • Experiencing Divinity
  • The Draining of Personal Will
  • Meeting Death
  • God Is All Human Experience
  • Certainty about Uncertainty
  • Fear and the Loss of Control
  • Self-less Spontaneity
  • Kundalini Energy
  • The Awareness within Thought

Quotes from this Download Set:

"The truth of you is an immense mystery that’s always here but you can never grasp it.”

“There is an openness that recognizes the experience of openness.”

“If you can experience something fully, it liberates itself.”

“What we are not willing to experience will own us.”

“Stillness is the complete non-resistance to any movement.”

“If you are not looking in the old ways of what to do, the new ways will show up.”

“Westerners commonly experience God as all good. Be honest to the entirety of human experience -- that’s God.”

“All fears are ultimately about death.”

“If you knew completely that you have no control, you would not fear it anymore.”

“Does there need to be a ‘who’ to live this enlightened life?”

“Your life is an expression of Being, in all ways, moment-to-moment.”

Recorded at the Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California on February 12-17,, 2017.
© 2017 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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