Silent Retreat Vol. 58

Tahoe May 2017 ~ Meditations 5 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 20 min. $15.00

In this 5-download set, Adyashanti leads five guided meditations that were recorded during the May 2017 silent retreat at Granlibakken Conference Center. These meditations explore the subtleties of relaxing into pure awareness and resting as the natural stillness of our deepest nature. Four of the meditations are 30 minutes and one meditation is 20 minutes. Each session includes a guided meditation followed by a period of silence and a bell.

Meditation Titles:

  • An Exploration of Consciousness
  • Self-Inquiry in Meditation
  • The Freedom of Non-Interference
  • The Natural Allowance of Experience
  • The Ground of Being

Please Note: These guided meditations are not included in the download sets of talks and dialogues from this retreat. They have some similar content to previous guided meditation CDs and downloads.

Recorded in Tahoe City, California on May 12-19, 2017.
© 2017 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-679