The Absolute Love of Christ

Nondual Christ Teachings Vol 5 2 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 23 min. $15.00

“You’re here as an act of love, not as a mistake. You so loved the world that you gave yourself to it entirely, knowing that this selfless embrace would be the redemption of suffering in the world.”  ~  Adyashanti

In this 2-download set of the 2013 Christmas Intensive, Adyashanti shows how the invitation of the Jesus story is not about transcending suffering but fully embracing life's greatest sorrows from the standpoint of absolute love. This quality of love completely changes our relationship with suffering so that we never suffer in the same way again.

Topics Include:

  • Jesus' Embrace of the Human Condition
  • The Love that Transforms Suffering
  • Recognizing Our Essential Eternity
  • The Transmission of the Last Supper
  • Jesus' Sacrificial Entry
  • Awaken as the Christ
  • Remembrance through the Eucharist
  • Discovering Universal Truth for Oneself

Quotes in this Download Set:

"Anything you withhold true love from within yourself does not transform."

"The key to the kingdom of heaven is a love that embraces the human condition."

"What is the quality of love that embraces to the point that it sacrifices itself?"

"The Jesus story begins with a willingness to suffer as an act of love."

Recorded at the Christmas Intensive in Palo Alto, California on December 14, 2013.
Music: “Body & Blood” © 2002–2014 by Maja Apolonia Rodé.
© 2013-2014 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-453