The Death of Time
Sedona Satsang 11/2/12 1 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 2 min. $10.00

We associate death with our time running out. But what is it to come to the end of time right now? In this revealing satsang, Adyashanti exposes us to a perspective of death that goes far beyond the physical death at the end of one’s life. He points to the death of one’s inner world that takes us out of time and out of the mind’s imagined reality, and into the realization of our infinite potential that is always completely free right here and now. 

Topics Include: The Ending of Time / Death of Your Inner World / The War in the Lotus Position / The Story of Somewhere / The Unspeakable You / Nothingness Is Infinite Potential / The Energetic Re-orienting after a Shift

Quotes from this Download: “Death lives in the moment as much as life lives in the moment.” • “For the average human being, their mind has become their reality.” • “If we want to realize what real freedom is, we must come to the end of time.” • “When you directly experience yourself, you don’t experience yourself at all.”

Recorded in Sedona, Arizona on November 2, 2012.
© 2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-354