The Evolving Edge

Experiencing Life with No Self 5 MP3 Download 7 hrs. 52 min. $40.00

Boulder, CO Intensive ~ April 28-29, 2012 

Many people who have a fundamental realization that there isn’t a separate self are often confused by the experience of a separate self that seems to appear again. In one moment you’re as clear as day about the illusion of ego—the next you’re getting upset with something that you know isn’t ultimately real. In this deeply profound 5-download set of the 2012 Boulder Intensive, Adyashanti sheds light on what it really means to experience the falling away of both the ego and the self.

Topics Include:

  • Awakened Insight
  • Losing Your Egoic Drive
  • The Ebbing Away of Inner Life
  • The Transparent Bubbles of Ego and Self
  • Seeing the Void as Self-Deficiency
  • Real Ego Death
  • What Is Soul?
  • Riding the Bike of No Self
  • The Stabilizing of Non-Division
  • Pathologizing What’s Actually Happening
  • Gaining Clarity about Rage
  • Beyond Bliss, Love, Compassion and Oneness
  • What No Self Really Means

Quotes from this Download Set:

“The only thing worse than never knowing heaven is knowing it and then feeling like you’re not in it anymore.”

“The energetic quality of separate self is the personal will.”

“No ego and no self are completely different experiences.”

“Ego is trying to wake up and get out of life; spirit is trying to get into it.”

“It’s a deep misunderstanding that when you get clear spiritually, it’s the end of the line.”

“The more absorbed you are in the moment, the less you bring with you when you come out of that moment.”

“The experience of the infinite losing itself is the same thing as the infinite finding itself.”

Recorded in Boulder, Colorado on April 28–29, 2012.
© 2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-304