The Existential Paradox of You

Santa Cruz Meeting 10/14/17 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 43 min. $10.00

What is your actual experience of what you call “you”? In this Santa Cruz Meeting, Adyashanti conveys a fundamental, existential paradox: You know that you exist, and yet when you look for yourself, you can’t find yourself. If you go beyond the narrative of the mind and your conditioned definitions of self, you open to a direct, immediate, and nonconceptual experience of essential being.

Talk Topics Include: 

  • The Existential Paradox
  • The Direct Experience of Being 
  • The Spontaneity of Right Action
  • Dynamic Nothingness
  • The Self-less Way of Being
  • Experiencing the You beyond Your Narrative

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Waking from Confused Conditioning
  • Leaning into Disassociated States

Quotes from this Download: 

“When we finally start to wake ourselves up out of the abstraction of our mind, and back into a direct perception, the perception is very transparent. You can’t find anything static or solid, but there’s still something there.”

“The more conscious of self we are, the more out of flow we feel.”

“Who would you be without the inner narrative?”

“Forget yourself and you could have a direct experience of being.”

“That which you can’t convey is most authentic about you.”

“The natural state is when body, mind, and spirit are harmonized and working together.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on October 14, 2017.
© 2017 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-695

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