The Highest Freedom

San Diego Intensive 12/4/10 3 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 29 min. $25.00

Many people in spirituality are trying to attain freedom by pursuing or recapturing some experience of the sacred because the egoic self assumes that what is happening now isn’t it. In this potent 3-download set of the San Diego 2010 intensive, Adyashanti explores how the self is an escape mechanism from the now. He leads us beyond movements of the self so that we may discover the highest freedom that comes when the whole self-project collapses.

Topics Include:

  • The Blessing and Curse of Self-Awareness
  • “Getting There” Is a Delusion
  • Trying to Sustain Clarity
  • The Real Dissolving of Self
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Experiencing Deep Grief
  • The Substance that’s Eternal
  • Sensing the Absence of Self
  • The Fear of Death
  • The Ground of Uncertainty

Quote from This Download Set: “As the self drops away, the u-turn of looking within stops happening—there’s nothing for you to look at. Consciousness then turns back forward and the whole world becomes our inner life.”

Recorded in San Diego, CA, on December 4, 2010.
© 2010 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-201