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The Passage of Truth Kona Intensive November 2011 5 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 4 min. $40.00

We come to know truth by actually knowing what isn’t true. This is a journey of seeing through all of our illusionary ideologies, agendas, and personas, and recognizing the impersonal nature of being. But this transcendence is not the end. In this 5-download set of talks and dialogues from a weekend intensive in Hawaii, Adyashanti explores how living in service of truth also involves sacrificing even our impersonal nature and compassionately embracing all aspects of our humanness.

Topics Include: The Open-Ended Question: What’s Really True? / Your Nature Already Allows / The Vitality in This Moment / The Balancing Art of Inquiry and Meditation / Shattering All Self-Image / The Destructive Force of the Absolute / Undeveloped Capacities after Awakening  / Compassionate Love for Illusion / Dancing True in the Material World / Leaving and Re-entering Humanity

Quotes from this Download Set: “When there is nothing in you for illusion to pull on, you won’t be pulled in.” • “All personas are an illusion of safety.” • "Meditative inquiry is a conscious form of dying." • “Egos can use spiritual teachings to distance themselves from present experience.” • “Egos always have an agenda. Agendas, even good ones, are corrupting.” • “Our humanness has to allow in the full measure of love that reality has for it.”

Recorded in Kona, Hawaii on November 12-13, 2011.
© 2011 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-272