The Power of Attention

Classic Talk ~ September 24, 2008 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 33 min. $10.00

What does it take to experience and live spiritual awakening? Where we place our attention makes all the difference. Through his direct and lucid teaching, Adyashanti shows us how a simple shift of attention changes our perception of what we are and begins the flowering of an undivided, yet unique expression of our essential being.


“When a shift of consciousness happens, consciousness just returns to itself. Then you realize, 'Oh, this thing I formerly called me is just a costume.’ It’s a manifestation through which spirit or consciousness functions.”

“The ego is an empty shell. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad shell or wrong shell. It’s just an empty shell. It’s like a Halloween costume you put on—it’s a thing that consciousness puts on and all of a sudden starts to think 'that’s me.’”

“Too many people spend too much energy trying to quiet their mind. They miss that there is a quietness, there is a silence, there is an awareness that is there whether the mind is quiet or not.”

“The silence of awareness is the whole foundation of spirituality, and without that foundation, spirituality is just a collection of teachings and concepts and ideas and spiritual philosophies.”

Please Note: This recording was formerly available on DVD (Vol. 42) with the same title.  

Recorded in Palo Alto, California on September 24, 2008.
© 2008 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved. 

Item #: CDA-73

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