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The Real Truth of Existence Bethesda Intensive June 2014 5 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 19 min. $40.00

Are you absolutely, positively telling the truth to yourself about your psychology and who you really are? Even if you are deeply entrenched in spiritual life, are you completely 100% honest about what’s actually happening in your direct experience? Through compelling talks and engaging dialogues at the 2014 Bethesda intensive, Adyashanti sheds light on a myriad of ways we miss, resist, avoid, or live in denial of the real truth and simple joy of existence.
Talk Topics Include: Words Don’t Communicate Truth / The Simple Joy of Existing / The Fools Game of “I Must Be More…” / The Vital State of Listening / The Primary Function of Existence / Being a Redeeming Presence / Everything Is God / Cessation of Your Inner World /  Waking Up for Everyone / Subtle Ways We Avoid the Truth / Complete Honesty with Yourself

Q&A Topics Include: What Wakes Up? / Our Desire for Acknowledgment / How Religion Serves Two Agendas / Seeing the World’s Hardships from Two Different Views / Bringing Love to What You Run From / What Notices the Witness? / Drugs & Awakening / A Different Kind of Truth Telling / The Signature of Our Presence / Three Ways to Let Go of Fear

Quotes from this Download Set: “It’s much better to listen to a spiritual talk like you’d listen to a piece of music rather than listening to it as you would a lecture in a college course.” • “When we touch something, we’re literally touching the face of God.” • “When you grant the whole world its freedom it can’t disturb you anymore.” • “Spiritual life is something we’re participating in for the sake of all beings, not just the sake of ourselves.” • “Spirituality often creates as much conflict as it absolves.” • “All revelation comes from the silent spaces within us.” • “What’s my experience of my own being that’s not defined by any idea, any image, anything that I’ve ever accomplished, or anything that’s ever happened to me? What’s underneath all of it?”

Recorded in Bethesda, Maryland on June 14-15, 2014.

© 2014 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-488