The Red Thread of Desire
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All human beings have their own red threads – desires, passions, or attachments that can trip them up. Most people in spirituality try to side step or become insulated from this wild side of themselves. Yet without this zest there is no life. In this potent and transforming talk, Adyashanti shows how the red thread of desire can be both a curse and a grace. He explores how fully embracing our humanness is what actually delivers us beyond attachment and non-attachment and into the vastness of true freedom, love and compassion.

Topics Include:

  • The Curse and Grace of Desire
  • Seeing Your Addictions
  • Discerning between Wanting and Longing
  • Loving Your Humanness
  • The Humility in Oneness
  • The Vast Container of Everything


"There's no such thing as successful suppression."

"When you fall into the well of your desire, you fall into your powerlessness to control it."

"Your humanness will be the last thing that you include entirely."

Please Note: This recording was formerly published in CD format with the same title, and also in the March 2010 Asilomar Retreat 14-CD album.

Recorded in Pacific Grove, CA on March 30, 2010.
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Item #: CDA-404