The Way of Liberation

Audio Course ~ 2013 7 MP3 Download, 2 PDF Download 9 hrs. 45 min. $75.00

This 4-part audio course takes you through an in-depth, transformational inquiry based on his book The Way of Liberation. It offers a series of recorded talks and dialogues, weekly readings, and written Q&A between Adyashanti and the original course participants. This 9-download set includes:

7 MP3 Audio Recordings

The Way of Liberation Course Recordings

• The Way of Liberation - Session 1
• The Way of Liberation - Session 2
• The Way of Liberation - Session 3
• The Way of Liberation - Session 4

Supplemental Teachings

• The Way of Liberation ~ The Five Foundations
• The Way of Liberation ~ Three Orienting Ideas
• The Way of Liberation ~ The Core Practices

2 Printable PDF Ebooks

The Way of Liberation: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Adyashanti. A PDF of the 53-page book is included with the purchase of this audio course; the printed book may be purchased separately in the Bookstore or downloaded for free here.

• The Way of Liberation Course Handbook. This 57-page guide includes weekly reading assignments, session topics, session quotes, and Adyashanti's written responses to participant questions.

Themes of Exploration

Session 1 Topics & Quotes

  • The Five Foundations
  • Closing the Gap between Realization and Action
  • Making the Teaching Your Own
  • Avoiding Nothing
  • Two Levels of Nondivision
  • Finding Your Vitality Source

“Looking into the question of what one truly values will bring to light the unconscious divisions between competing aspirations and wants. When these divisions come to light, then and only then can you make different decisions about what is truly important to you.”

“The more clear you get, the more you will see if there’s any dichotomy between what you’ve realized and how you live your life.”

“When we’re tapped into our vitality, this bigger dimension of being, it often evokes some fear and insecurity because you’ll be moving in new ways that you haven’t moved in before.”

Session 2 Topics & Quotes

  • The Three Orienting Ideas
  • The Art of Contemplation
  • Loosening the False Self
  • Waking from the Trance State
  • Seeing without Resistance
  • The Relationship with Terror

”Have you noticed that you are always at the center of it all? Even if you are emptiness, you are still there in each and every experience, as each and every experience. Perhaps you are the capacity, the endless potential, in which everything arises. Perhaps even more.”

”The dream state is the world view that is derived from the false self.”

”Waiting for something to change is a kind of resistance that keeps you locked to it.”

Session 3 Topics & Quotes

  • The Core Practices
  • Meditation as a Truth Serum
  • The Art of Working with a Question
  • Contemplation and Inquiry
  • The Separation within Merging
  • Stillness amidst Activity
  • Entering Your Dark Places

”While it is true that there is no ‘direct‘ cause-and-effect relationship between what you do (spiritual practices) and awakening, it is also true that what you do has a powerful influence on the dawning of awakening.”

”Inquiry is meant to bring you to the frontier between the known and unknown.”

”Any useful practice is a way of giving direction to what’s already there inside you.”

Session 4 Topics & Quotes

  • A Story of Lived Awakening
  • An Inner Revolution
  • Awakening Beyond a Distinct Event
  • Uprooting Personal and Collective Conditioned Structures
  • Beingness Occupying Your Humanity
  • Discovering Awakening for Yourself
  • The Power of Study Groups

”When you get down to the simplicity of it, there’s just you, your yearning, and the stillness that beckons you. That’s the unknown. It’s naked, it’s simple, and it’s yours. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.

”This perspective has a deep intelligence to it and a deep love. It uproots all of the old thought structures. It’s like a solvent that runs through your being.

Never try to make your awakening look like somebody else’s.

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Recorded in San Jose, California, January, 2013. Recordings, ebook, and course handbook are published by Open Gate Sangha, San Jose, CA. © 2013 by Adyashanti.

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