Transcendent Grace

April 24, 2013 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 36 min. $10.00

What is the balance between being open to receiving the help of grace and taking responsibility for our own lives? Adyashanti sheds light on bringing together the element of grace and the discipline of self-effort to become active participants in our own awakening. Email topics include the absolute closeness of solitude, dealing with anxiety about one’s children, how to liberate the victim identity, and a poem about the gates of the heart bursting open.  

Topics Include: Your Participation in Grace / Being Alone vs. Being in the World of People / Looking through the Eyes of God / Totality’s Experience of Aloneness / Holding On Too Tightly to Our Children / Taking Responsibility without Blame / Packaging Your Revelations / A More Complete Experience of Unity / Letting Go of Victimhood / Simple Human Humility

Quotes from this Download: “In a world where so many people are convinced they’re not good enough, the Absolute sees wholeness and sufficiency in every being, no matter how desperate they are.” • “So much of suffering is bumping up against mental boundaries, personal boundaries. Sometimes it takes a transcendent grace to show you those boundaries are not real.” • “When the emptiness of aloneness – not loneliness -- is not resisted, it becomes filled with grace, divinity, beauty, and love.”

Recorded on April 24, 2013.
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Item #: CDR-165