Uncensored Straight Talk

Audio Course ~ 2012 6 MP3 Download, 2 PDF Download 10 hrs. 57 min. $65.00

Based on his book The End of Your World, this 4-part audio course offers weekly themes of exploration with recommended reading assignments, a series of recorded talks and dialogues, and written Q&A between Adyashanti and the original course participants. This 7-download set includes:

Uncensored Straight Talk Course Handbook. This 45-page guide includes weekly reading assignments and Adyashanti's written responses to participant questions.

6 MP3 Audio Recordings

Uncensored Straight Talk Audio Course Recordings

  • Uncensored Straight Talk - Session 1
  • Uncensored Straight Talk - Session 2
  • Uncensored Straight Talk - Session 3
  • Uncensored Straight Talk - Session 4
  • Uncensored Straight Talk - Follow-Up

Bonus Recording

“Transmuting the Human Stuff” Oakland Meeting, March 17, 2012

Themes of Exploration

Part 1:

  • Exploring Life After Awakening
  • Authentic Awakening
  • The Disorientation that Can Follow Awakening
  • "I Got It; I Lost It"
  • The Momentum of Conditioning

Part 2:

  • Common Delusions, Traps, and Points of Fixation
  • Life Itself Holds Up a Mirror for Our Awakening
  • The Seasons of Awakening

Part 3:

  • Being Stuck in Emptiness
  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Transmuting Thought and Emotion
  • Effort or Grace?

Part 4:

  • The Energetic Component of Awakening
  • The Natural State
  • Masculine and Feminine Awakening

From the Course Handbook:

"To stay with one simple instruction in a sustained way is a challenge in and of itself. The mind is so addicted to believing that by collecting more and more information you will attain some advantage. However, in matters of the spirit less is often more. With this in mind, let me give you a simple instruction . . . "

"Experiment with different ways of framing the question regarding what awakens 'true action' within you. Over time your being will form a new energetic imprint of where to act and relate from, and the old operating system will have its programming upgraded to correspond with your current perception."

"Spirituality is full of people trying to act enlightened as a way to become enlightened, and by and large the results are dismal. Better to throw yourself open to the unknown, question all of your hidden assumptions, and be truly open to something beyond what the ego can fake or even know."

"While it is good advice not to grasp at moments of realization or awakening (for this makes them seem to be separate from you), it is also important to acknowledge the new perspective that reveals itself. Rest as the witness, as awareness itself, without grasping at it."

Please note: All the recordings and PDF included within audio courses are available to download for 30 days.

Recorded in San Jose and Oakland, California, March-April, 2012.
Recordings and course handbook are published by Open Gate Sangha, San Jose, CA.
© 2012 by Adyashanti.

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