Vitality and Contemplation
January 25, 2012 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 38 min. $10.00

Adyashanti begins this vivid, multi-faceted satsang with a short talk about the forgotten art of contemplation -- how to discover a place of deep meaning and vitality by finding the simple balance between thought and stillness. He continues with discussions about adapting your body and mind to a new vision of unity and diversity, and how to engage in the world without getting lost in it.

Topics Include: The Simple Balance / The Forgotten Art of Contemplation / Access to Deeper Intuitive Wisdom / Our Most Prized Commodity / Surrendering vs. Suppressing / Transitioning to a New Level of Consciousness / Letting Go into Nothing / Illusion Is Reality / Letting Go as an Act of Love / Surrendering Your Castle of Peace / Being a Good Steward of Spiritual Energy / The Source of All Energy

Quotes from this Download: “It really helps to have a sense of trust. Your body and mind will start to adapt around a new perception of reality.” •  “Letting go is never about getting rid of something.” •  “There’s always that core of peace, of Truth. You can engage in the world without getting lost in it.” • “This world isn’t about being perfect. That word is not really in Truth’s lexicon.”

Recorded on January 25, 2012.
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Item #: CDR-136