Whole-Being Intelligence

Maui Intensive Oct 2015 5 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 6 min. $40.00

Whole-Being intelligence is an intuitive, native wisdom that comes from the depths of our entire being. It is a kind of clarity that cuts through the illusionary ways that the mind thinks it knows reality. In this 5-download set of the 2015 Maui Weekend Intensive, Adyashanti explores awakening to this whole-being intelligence, both in meditation and in living life, and how this kind of intelligence is one of the most important elements in all of spirituality.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Quality of Intuitive Intelligence
  • We Live in a Virtual Reality
  • Absolute Clarity
  • Different Kinds of Realization
  • Each Person’s Extraordinary Impact
  • The Deep State of Not Knowing
  • Discovery Meditation

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Trying to Repossess Spiritual Experiences
  • The Ego Is a Denial Device
  • Speaking from Authentic Indivisibility
  • Seeing God in Those We Judge
  • Relinquishing Ourselves to What Is
  • Dealing with Getting Triggered
  • Bringing Kindness to Traumatized Parts

Quotes from this Download: 

“Probably ninety percent of our thinking is unnecessary.”

“Curiosity is a light unto itself.”

“Intuitive wisdom is a wisdom of the entire being.”

“Awareness is always in a constant state of allowing everything to be as it is.”

“It’s a beautiful thing to touch into the jewel of reality because it feels whole and complete. And we can actually delude ourselves with it because we might fixate on one of these facets.”

“You come to enlightenment by knowing how to engage in your conflict, your sorrow, your suffering.”

“Native intelligence is the hardest thing to point to and yet it’s probably the most important element in spirituality.”

“The more we say ‘yes’ to suffering, the less we suffer. The more we say ‘no’ to it, the more we suffer.”

“The unenlightened state is ‘I know.’”

“Be kind to your scared places.”

Recorded in Makawao, Hawaii on October 3-4, 2015.
© 2015 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-582