Wu Wei

The Way of Non-Doing 1 MP3 Download 58 min. $9.00

The whole universe is moving through Wu Wei, the way of non-doing. There is nobody behind the scenes orchestrating it—the universe orchestrates itself. In this vibrant talk given at the 2012 Lake Tahoe retreat, Adyashanti illustrates the fine nuances of Wu Wei and how we can discover its eternal presence as we live in accordance with reality. 

Topics Include:

  • Finding the Great Ease of Life
  • Dropping the Struggle
  • The Flow Without Mind
  • Complete Trust
  • Rootedness in All Movement
  • Dancing Your Dance

Quotes from this Download:

“The more in harmony you are with what is, the less of you there is.”

“When you’re in accord with the way, everything gets done but you don’t have a sense of having done much.”

“In a sense you lose yourself, but gain the whole universe.”

“You can’t try to do non-doing; it’s more like you start to notice it. Everything is happening all by itself.”

“Wu Wei is a type of yes—it’s even just before yes.”

Please Note: The recording on this download was originally published in the 15-CD album and 10-download set, Silent Retreat, Vol. 27

Recorded in Tahoe City, California on May 24, 2012.
© 2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-337