The Cosmic Yes

Grass Valley Meeting 9/27/19 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 44 min. $10.00

Most people think of God as a vast, formless, and omnipresent Being. But actually God is intimately and immediately present; it is the Infinite giving itself to the finite experience. Adyashanti dismantles any concepts we may have about God, awareness, or existence. He sheds light on the “Cosmic Yes” where we not only embrace all aspects of our limited form, but also experience formlessness and form collapsing into a direct and embodied experience of being.

Topics Include:

  • Can We Know What Awareness Is?
  • The Everythingness and Nothingness of Awareness
  • Two Aspects of the Spiritual Instinct
  • The Infinite Pouring Itself into Form
  • The Extraordinary Formless in Ordinary Form
  • Everyday Seeing of “Just This”
  • All Is the Face of God
  • Our Responsibility to the World
  • Caring for the World 


“We think we know what awareness is, but when we look, it is really mysterious.”

“Awareness is the basis of everything, but also nothing.”

“Many spiritual teachers set you up for frustration until the looking stops.”

“The divine gives itself lavishly to the embodied experience of Love.”

“In the end, our truest nature is not formless; that’s not the final word.”

“We’re looking from the eyes of God without knowing it.”

Recorded in Grass Valley, California on September 27, 2019.
© 2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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