Silent Retreat Vol. 76 ~ Talks

Omega ~ October 2019 7 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 59 min. $45.00

This 7-download set contains all of the Talks from the October 2019 silent retreat at Omega Institute including the first evening talk and the morning talks. 

Please Note: The Q&A Sessions and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.       

Talk Topics Include:

  • What Remains When You Let All Go 
  • Where Suffering Comes From
  • The Source of Longing
  • Adya’s Search for Enlightenment
  • The Enlightened Ground
  • Why We Don’t See Our True Nature
  • The Immediacy of Timelessness
  • Boundless Liberation
  • Marrying the Absolute and Relative
  • Primary and Secondary Suffering
  • Realizing Beingness Doesn’t Deny One’s Humanity
  • The Great Vitality and Beauty of Being
  • Adya’s Teacher and Dharma Commitment 
  • Serving What You Love
  • How to Work with Creative Tension
  • Cleaving Apart the Essential and Non-Essential
  • Living from the Deepest Part of Ourselves


“Mostly we turn our backs on the truth of our being and then go looking for it.”

“Either clinging to positive experiences or pushing negative experiences away is a fool’s game.”

“Spiritual seekers think the seeking game is better than others (like chasing a Ferrari or a million dollars), but they’re just different forms of the same game.”

“The call of the divine comes not from a lack but from a fullness.”

“As we trace back spiritual longing to where it originated, we reach a transition zone between who you think you are and who you are.”

“When you go through the ‘gateless gate,’ you realize it was never there.”

“The Ground and foundation of all experience is that it’s always present. If you’re waiting for an experience, you miss it.”

“If we’re focused on experience and try to merge or maintain it, we’re caught in the world of experience. The opportunity is to lose the knot of experience.”

“The endpoint is the unification of seer and seen.”

“Silence arises ‘in’ and ‘to’ that which recognizes silence.”

“When the Ground realizes itself, it sees itself in every perception, and yet knows that all objects are temporary expressions.”

“The impulse to become enlightened is the first expression of enlightenment itself.”

“One of the potential illusions in the nondual view is that it’s the right way.”

“The absolute and relative go together like a box and a lid, like the foot before and foot behind in walking.”

“How could there be an end to something infinite creating itself?”

“When we endeavor to embody and serve what we love, no matter how insignificant it may seem, we never know how a moment of that may change someone’s life.”

Recorded at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York on October 11-182019.
© 2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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