The Origin of Everything

May 2, 2020 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 35 min. $10.00

When you fully pause, there’s a gap in experience where everything stops. By giving attention to this gap, the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious can start to open, and spiritual insight may arise to reveal the fundamental Ground of being. Adyashanti offers guidance on returning to this ultimate dimension, which is not only the origin of each immediate experience, but also the origin of everything in the universe.

Topics Include:

  • How Challenging Times Are Hidden Opportunities
  • Accessing the Gap for Spiritual Insight
  • Where Does Inner Experience Arise From?
  • Mistaken Assumptions of Free Will or No Free Will
  • Dismantling Identity
  • Returning to the Ultimate Ground of Being
  • Recognizing the Ground Everywhere
  • The Source of Opposites 
  • Connecting to the Immediacy of Experience


“To become mindful is to hit a kind of pause, which creates a gap inside. Most contemplative spiritual practices are ways of evoking this experience of a gap, and then giving our attention, our heart, our mind, and ourselves to this gap.”

“Everything appears to just simply happen, but it’s not as happenstance as that. There’s this incredible complexity—even intelligence—that’s generally operating underneath all of this.”

“There’s a whole host of questions that are only finally resolved when we come into a dimension of being where the question itself never rises.” 

“Inquiry is a way of dismantling the tendency to identify.”  

“In our deeper realizations, we can see that opposites aren’t actually opposite. It’s one thing arising with two faces.”

“The Ground of being isn’t actually just down underneath. Everything is the Ground. The Ground is the entire context and suchness of every moment.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on May 2, 2020.
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