A Matter of Maturity

December 7, 2011 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 48 min. $10.00

"Spiritual maturation is often a maturing into something that’s much more quiet, more simple, more subtle, but something of incredible depth." Adyashanti begins this engaging satsang with a talk followed by responses to commonly emailed questions, then dialogues with callers from Santa Monica, Vancouver, and South Carolina about the maturation of awakening.

Topics Include: Asking Spiritual Questions / The Deepest Sense of Separate Self / Listening to Pain / Energetic Sensitivity and Clearing / The Holy Warrior / Not Deceiving Ourselves / Losing Interest in Spiritual Progress / The Shared Energy of Retreat / Transition from Knowing to Being / Forgiving Oneself

Quotes from this Download: To forgive ourselves is to let ourselves enter into the human family, where we're just like everybody else. • Look for any subtle way that your mind or your body may be attaching to the negative energy. Even pushing away from energy on a subtle level causes a type of attachment. It can become solidified in your system. • The depth of your being is always OK, but that doesn't mean that the other parts of your being are equally undisturbed. • One of the most devious forms of self is the spiritual self. The spiritual identity can be very refined and elegant, and then one day you realize, “I’ve been subtly creating a spiritual version of myself.”

Recorded on December 7, 2011.
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