Accessing the Ground of Being
Portland Intensive 10/10/09 3 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 37 min. $25.00

Featured again by popular demand: Adyashanti explores some of the deepest dynamics that prevent us from awakening to our true nature and living its potential. Through engaging talks and rich inquiry dialogues with the audience, he helps us see through such egoic forces as control, personal will, and fear so that we may discover and dwell in the ground of being. This 3-download set was recorded at a daylong intensive in Portland, OR.

Topics Include: Beyond Self Will / Letting Go of Control / Die Before You Die / The Limitation of “The Will to Be” / The Real Spiritual Impulse is Irrational / The Gift of Unconditional Love / Putting Down Agendas / The Real Middle Way / What Actually Is Consciousness? / Where’s Your Attention? / Awakening and Physical Healing / Inquiry vs. No Inquiry / The Parenting Path

Quotes from This Download Set: “As soon as you go beyond personal will, what do you run into? Unconditional love. The beautiful gift of unconditional love is that you are relieved of yourself.”

“The truth is that you’re looking through the face of God.”

“The deeper we go, the more we come to trust that spirit knows what to do.”
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Item #: CDA-133