Dimensions of Being

October 10, 2012 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 40 min. $10.00

In response to emailed questions, Adyashanti offers in-depth reflections and insights on universal issues that arise in the awakening process. Waiting for a final experience of enlightenment makes us unconscious to the present moment and blocks the energetic signature of conscious being. Adya describes an entry point where, using this energetic signature, the nervous system begins to orient itself to a different dimension of being. He offers additional reflections on motivation in the absence of the personal will, the flowering of spiritual autonomy, and how life can inform you when you see with a unified vision.

Topics Include: The Path of Not Knowing / Spiritual Autonomy vs. Co-Creation / The Mind’s Love of Dogma / The Emotional Gravity of Ego / Getting Familiar with Neutrality / Opening to the Quiet Abyss / Acting from a Higher Dimension / The Search for the Holy Grail / What Pulls Forth Heaven / Completeness in the Midst of Chaos

Quotes from this Download: “True witnessing doesn’t take place at a distance. The true witnessing is always in the middle of experience.” • “To be here, fully here, is its own freedom.” • “When we see that heaven is ever present, that is what pulls it forth. The seeing of it is what pulls it forth.” • “Everything is an expression of vast infinity -- everything. The more you realize that, the more it takes away any viewpoint, any philosophy, any teaching you might cling to.”

Recorded on October 10, 2012.
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Item #: CDR-153