Freeing the Root of Attachment

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Almost all human beings get attached to ways that they see themselves, others, and life. Such attachment leads to suffering, both individually and collectively. But what is at the root of attachment? And how can we be liberated from its incessant grip? In this comprehensive talk, Adyashanti shows how attachment makes all the difference between freedom and bondage. He explores how we can awaken at different layers of our system and weed out the root of attachment so that we may experience the unimaginable freedom that lies within the ground of our true being.  

Talk Topics Include: 

  • Understanding the Grip of Attachment
  • Getting Stuck in Beliefs
  • Your Self-Image Is Just an Image
  • The Power of Orienting around Truth
  • Beyond the Conceptual Notions of Self
  • Awakening in the Mind, Heart, and Gut
  • Uprooting Identity
  • Expressing an Undivided Response to Life

Quotes from this Download:

“To be attached doesn’t mean to simply have a point of view. You can have a point of view, a belief, or an opinion without being attached to it.”  

“Attachment really goes to the very heart of what makes a difference between freedom and bondage.” 

“What if whether you love or hate yourself all of a sudden just became irrelevant?” 

“The deep viewpoints that are connected with our sense of being, such as ‘How I see myself,’ often have a tremendous amount of self and attachment wrapped up in them. Those are the ones that can be pretty devastating to start to see through.” 

“What’s there when you see that whatever you are transcends all your ideas of whatever you are?”  

“See that all of our ideas and beliefs, even memories about ourselves, are actually empty of self, and that they cause ourselves and others suffering.”

“We can awaken on the level of mind but be totally closed off on the level of heart.” 

“There isn’t a ‘you’ inside of that heart that you’re protecting.” 

Please Note: The recording in this download was originally published in the download set: Silent Retreat Vol. 60: Omega Sept 2017 ~ Talks

Recorded at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York on September 25, 2017.
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