Seeing with Eyes of Stillness

Asheville Intensive 4/24/10 3 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 22 min. $25.00

“In many spiritual circles, people try to eradicate their sense of self. This is a complete waste of time. The sense of self is not a problem. In fact, it’s a necessity in life. The difficulty happens when we believe that just because there is a sense of self there must also be a self.” ~ Adyashanti

In this profound 3-download set recorded live at a day-long intensive in Asheville, NC, Adyashanti takes spiritual awakening to its core. He helps us clear away our unconscious, distorted, and separate views of ourselves and life so that we can perceive more clearly from the eyes of stillness and non-separation. He offers great insight into letting life be completely as it is so that we may be totally free and experience boundaryless union.

Topics Include:

  • War in Meditation
  • Seeing through Imagined Boundaries
  • Understanding the Sense of Self
  • Interdependence
  • Being a Buddhist vs. Being Real
  • False Freedom
  • Serving Truth Now
  • Relationship from Oneness
  • The Voice of Your Pain Body
  • Living What You Realize
  • Yes to Samsara
  • Death of a Loved One

Quote from This Download Set:

“The truest freedom is when you cast yourself extravagantly upon all of creation—when it all gets to be unavoidably the way it is."

Recorded in Asheville, NC on April 24, 2010.
© 2010 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-162