Silent Retreat Vol. 26

Kanuga April 2012 10 MP3 Download 14 hrs. 39 min. $80.00

With over 14 hours of Adyashanti's most powerful form of teaching, this 10-download set contains the engaging talks and insightful dialogues from the April 2012 silent retreat at Kanuga Conference Center. This retreat is one in a series of live recordings from retreats with Adyashanti.

Please Note: Guided meditations are not included in this download set and must be purchased separately.

Topics Include:

  • Emptying Out What's Not There
  • Reality Is a Thief
  • Infinite Nothingness, Absolute Potential
  • The Space Inside Experience
  • Further Reaches of Awakening
  • The Boomerang of Clarity
  • Paradoxes Galore in Spirituality
  • The Illusion of Perfection
  • Transformation Below the Conscious Level
  • Doing Absolutely Nothing in Meditation
  • At the Center of Ego
  • The Bubble of I Am-ness
  • A Prayer of Being
  • Relating to Psychosis
  • Preferences Are Empty
  • Less and Less
  • Life After Retreat

Quotes from this Download Set:

"The whole of spirituality is allowing what's not really there to fall away."

"As soon as you accept your humanity completely and all at once, then something comes into view; then reality presents itself."

"The taste of something is always different than the idea."

"You have to fall out of the world to fall back into it."

"What sees and what arises is the same thing."

"Don't get your humanness to conform, but be open and transparent to its source."

"At some point you sit down, and all of you sits down."

"The spiritual teacher's first job is to turn up the dimmer switch on the void."

"Ego can't control a stillness that comes from a place of non-striving."

"The world is just the way it is. All the rest is illusion."

"The storyteller is never happy; it lives in abstraction."

"When you have a moment of clarity, you really have no preferences; in that instant, nothing's a problem because you're not pushing against anything."

"As long as you have your life and your spiritual life, you have two lives. At some point you realize it's just one life.”

Recorded during the Kanuga retreat in Hendersonville, North Carolina on April 1–6, 2012.
© 2012 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-307