Silent Retreat Vol. 30 ~ Part 1

Mt. Madonna Feb 2013 7 MP3 Download 10 hrs. 9 min. $50.00

This 7-download set is Part 1 of the February 2013 silent retreat at Mount Madonna Center. It includes talks and dialogues from Friday, February 1, through Monday, February 4.

Please note: Part 2 and guided meditations are available in download form and must be purchased separately.

Topics Include:

  • What Is Your Real Question?
  • How You Influence the Whole
  • Breaking Open to Love
  • When Heart Wisdom Comes Online
  • What Death Can Teach Us
  • The True Form of Everything
  • Diving into Stillness
  • Loosening the Grip of Personal Will
  • Trusting Your Unfolding
  • How Seeking Relationship Can Separate You
  • Not Resisting Pain

Quotes from this Download Set:

“The most important thing about being on retreat is to show up.”

“The right question takes you to the boundary of what you know.”

“Meditation is a mirror for your relationship with life.”

“Everything is the reason for anything in the realm of absolute interconnectedness.”

“As personal will diminishes, one falls into greater harmony with what is.”

“Recognition of your true nature gives you options.”

“Let the heart break into the real solution—love.”

“Some people are so caught up with getting rid of themselves without having accepted themselves.”

Recorded in Watsonville, California on February 1-8, 2013.
© 2013 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-379