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The Dual Sides of Nonduality Boulder Intensive June 2015 7 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 50 min. $40.00

Spirituality is full of paradoxical teachings that the mind cannot integrate. And yet Big Truth is like that, amassed with seemingly opposing views that simultaneously exist without contradiction. Through talks, guided meditations, and dialogues at the 2015 Boulder Intensive, Adyashanti explores a variety of these paradoxes: Ego and Spirit Virtues, Unity and Diversity, Transcendence and Inclusion, Effort and No Effort, as well as others. He encourages becoming ever more conscious so that we not only recognize these contrasting movements at play but also embrace them from the self-less and boundaryless truth of our being, which knows no resistance or opposition.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Two Virtues in Everyone’s Experience
  • The Real Purpose of Meditation
  • Effortless Effort
  • Delusional Self-Inquiry
  • Self as a Cookie
  • Surrendering to Failure
  • The One Continuous Whole
  • Everything Just Is
  • Where Clear Action Comes From
  • Unity Liberates Diversity
  • Two Instincts of Spiritual Development
  • Orienting toward Authenticity vs. Perfection
  • Paradoxes of Truth
  • The Big Loving Embrace

Q&A Topics Include:

  • When Spirituality Informs Our Daily Living
  • Being True to What’s True
  • The Inner Inclination in Making Decisions
  • Depression
  • Permanent Unity
  • Two Forces that Evoke Physical Challenges
  • Dissolving the Narrative that Propels Conditioning
  • Moving Root Energy to the Heart
  • Balancing Heart Inspiration with Life Responsibilities

Quotes from this Download Set:

“Spirituality is not about trying to become something different or perfect -- it’s about authenticity.”

“Effortlessness doesn’t mean no effort; it means making effort without conflict.”

“Delusion can feel really, really good. If illusion had no pleasure, no one would fall for it.”

“You can have an experience of unity where you are still in the bleachers.”

“Enlightenment is when you’ve completely failed to find yourself in isolated experience.”

“One of the nice things about meditation is that you won’t succeed at it.”

“Surrender and freedom intimately go together. There is no freedom without surrender.”

“When you realize you’re a verb, life is easier.”

“Everything together becomes yourself.”

“True awareness isn’t apart from anything.”

“The whole notion to sustain is the deluded mind trying to maintain experience.”

Recorded in Boulder, Colorado on June 13-14, 2015.
© 2015 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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