The Immediacy of Awareness

February 22, 2017 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 32 min. $10.00

What would it be like to embody the deepest truths of your existence? In this lucid talk, Adyashanti explores directly perceiving the immediacy of awareness, discovering your truest nature, and fully embodying the deepest wisdom of your being. It is the recognition of the always cognizant awareness that allows us to move from a wiser place and to more beautifully express our realization.

Topics Include:

  • Awareness Is Prior to Attention
  • Looking For vs. From Awareness
  • Awareness Lights Up All Experience
  • Awareness Is Cognizant of Any Moment
  • The Recognition of What Always Is
  • Balancing Clarity and Love
  • Embodying Your Deepest Wisdom
  • Relating to Relationships Anew

Quotes from this Download:

“The immediacy of awareness is that it’s what we're always looking from. You can’t find awareness, but neither can you lose it.”

“Awareness isn’t something that you possess or something that you own, it’s something that you are.”

“The most essential ingredient in embodying whatever wisdom that you have is finding a sense of connection. When you feel connected, it’s much easier and more natural to move from your own realization.”

“When we intuitively see that the seeing and what is seen are of one nature, the sense of that is a heartful intimacy, a closeness with no distance.”

Recorded on February 22, 2017.
© 2017 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-249

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