Silent Meditation Day Vol. 7
Oakland September 2018 5 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 11 min. $20.00

Whether you are new to meditation or a longtime meditator, Adyashanti’s Silent Meditation Days offer profound insight and direct experience into the essential nature of our true being, and the evolving expression of this essence. Adyashanti reveals how to move beyond hindrances that arise in meditation practice and offers vital pointers that allow the natural state of awareness to more vividly reveal itself in meditation.

Introduction Topics Include:

  • Yin and Yang Approaches to Meditation 
  • Access Insight from the Silence
  • The Attitude of Effortlessness  

Dharma Talk Topics Include:

  • Conditioning Dictates Our Feeling and Perception 
  • Not Getting Caught in the Interpretative Mechanism
  • Leaving Your Experience Alone 
  • The Reality Beyond Interpretation
  • Deeply Peering into What Is
  • The Dropping of the Meditator  

Closing Topics Include:

  • Conflict Depends on Our Ascribed Reality
  • Appearance of Real and Unreal
  • How Every Day Is a Good Day 

Guided Meditation Titles Include:

  • Three-Step Meditation
  • This Is It

(Please Note: The content of these guided meditations may be similar to that of previous guided meditations released on CDs and downloads.)

Quotes from this Download Set:  

“Trust the silent place inside as a reservoir of insight.”  

“No teaching can take the place of silence. All teachings come out of silence.” 

“Ego is that which doesn’t leave things alone.” 

“What is the reality of anything apart from the conditioned interpretations of it?” 

“In leaving things alone, there is a rectifying wisdom that arises where something can find its way.”  

“All revelation comes out of the unknown space.” 

“Meditation happens the moment the meditator drops away.”  

“Reality is that which you can’t get away from.”

Recorded in Oakland, California on September 8, 2018.
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-750