A Virtual Reality

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Most people are living in a virtual reality—believing things that aren't true and experiencing the world through the lens of past conditioning. But there's no need to be satisfied marking time in illusion when the joy of unconditioned existence is so close at hand. In these selected talks and dialogues from the May–June 2007 retreat, Adyashanti shows us how to see through the fabrications of mind that cause our suffering and open into the freedom and vastness of our true nature.

Topics Include: 

  • A Virtual Reality
  • Mind Is Not a Problem
  • Why Meditate?
  • A Sense of Aliveness
  • The Only Relevant Question
  • Seeing the Truth of No Self
  • Sticky Thoughts
  • Does Source Have a Heart?

Please Note: This download set was formerly available as a 3-CD album with the same title. Selected recordings from Mt. Madonna Retreat in Watsonville, California, June 1–2, 2007.

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