Entering the Domain of Spirit

Two-Download Set 2 MP3 Download 3 hrs. 27 min. $20.00

In this 2-download set, Adyashanti offers unique teachings on spirituality, religion, and dimensions of reality. Through two consecutive talks, he explores how human beings often seek spirituality to address their "human" wants yet miss the "being" aspect that spirituality is truly meant to serve. Key topics include:

Part 1: Human-Being:

  • The Dimension of Humanness
  • The Dimension of Being
  • Accessing Essence
  • Letting Go of Judgment

Part 2: The Spirit in Spirituality:

  • How Spirituality Is Not Religion
  • Answering the Call from Spirit
  • Egoic Desire in Spirituality
  • Wanting to Know God

Quote from This Download Set:

"When the wants of the ego get mixed up with the spiritual imperative to realize Being, we search for Being via ego demands . . . Take care of your human needs, but don't mix them up with spiritual concerns."

NOTE: This download set was originally available as a 3-CD album with the same title, and formerly available as two individual downloads.  Recorded on May 16, 2009 in Oakland and Santa Cruz, CA.

© 2009 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-122