The Revelation of Unity

Portland Intensive 3/21/15 3 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 48 min. $25.00

The revelation of unity is the ultimate leveler of hierarchy. It pierces through any sense of arrogance or unworthiness as we transcend beyond the limited egoic view. And yet true transcendence is also inclusive of the unique ways our humanity expresses itself. In further exploring themes from the previous night’s dynamic talk, this 2015 Portland Intensive illuminates diverse and sometimes paradoxical qualities and perspectives that comprise the infinite faces of unity.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Meditation Is Kind Listening
  • The Body’s Great Biofeedback System
  • Treading on the Void
  • The Flickering Images in the Mind
  • Ego Is Just a Perspective
  • The Doorway into the Real Subject
  • The Intimate Nothingness of Presence
  • True Transcendence
  • The Finish Line Keeps Moving

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Being Conscious about Your Energy Field
  • Relating to Physical Pain
  • Paradoxical Qualities of Unity
  • The Love Affair with Truth
  • Diving into the Desire for Enlightenment
  • The Great Vista through Small Doors
  • The Majestic and Human Faces of Unity
  • Asking “Why” Questions Doesn’t Satisfy
  • Finding Yourself Isn’t What You Expect

Quotes in this Download Set:

“The hallmark of any awakening is the shift of identity, not experiencing awareness but being it.”

“When you’re in pain, any notion of future is your enemy.”

“True transcendence is inclusion, not denial of your humanity.”

“I have always felt that no matter what kind of path we take, no matter what the emphasis is, that in the end, everything ends in devotion.”

“Human humility is knowing that nobody is beyond the danger of illusion.”

“It’s actually presence doing the noticing. It’s not you noticing presence. That’s the flip.”

“Pure awareness is not nonduality, it’s absolute duality. ” 

“Unworthiness is another phantom on the inner screen of our minds.”

Recorded in Portland, Oregon on March 21, 2015.
© 2015 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-543